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SoccerStorm Downloads

Note: To use SoccerStorm for anything other than historical testing, you’ll need to sign up to a subscription plan. The SoccerStorm download comes with a limited selection of data, that allows you to view past fixture lists only. Once you subscribe, a standard data update will bring your software right up to speed!

SoccerStorm User’s Manual

We have a user’s manual available in PDF format, that shows you how to use SoccerStorm and what each of the statistics on display are.


We have also created a completely free piece of software by the name of BetAssistant. BetAssistant keeps track of your betting accounts and your bets, so you can keep track of things. You can read more about it here, and download it here, even if you’re not a SoccerStorm subscriber!


If you do not have Microsoft Office 2007 or above installed, you MAY need to install the Office 2007 Database Connectivity Driver. If you need to do this, you’ll receive an error when starting SoccerStorm, that refers to “AceDB” or “OleDB”.

If you are behind a firewall or proxy, you may need to configure it to allow SoccerStorm to reach the Internet. You’ll need to allow both SoccerStormLoader.exe and SoccerStorm.exe through (both are in the directory you chose to install SoccerStorm to.)

What is SoccerStorm?

SoccerStorm is a tool for studying football form, and was designed because we thought there was an easier way of picking out the best betting opportunities from the day’s fixtures, than relying on ancient software packages that claim to give you the world on a stick, or cobbling together our own form reports and statistics from all over the Internet. Read more...

Supported Leagues

SoccerStorm supports the following leagues and competitions...
  • Austrian Bundesliga
  • Belgian Jupiler League
  • Danish Superligaen
  • English Premier League
  • English Football League
  • English Non-League
  • Finnish Veikkausliga
  • French Ligue 1
  • German Bundesliga
  • Greek Super League
  • Dutch Eredivisie
  • Italian Serie A
  • Norwegian Tippeligaen
  • Portuguese Liga
  • Northern Irish Premier League
  • Scottish Football League
  • Spanish Primera Liga
  • Swedish Allsvenskan
  • Swiss Premier League
  • Rep. Ireland Premier Division
  • Welsh Premier League
  • All English Cups
  • All Scottish Cups
  • All International Matches
  • Champions League and Europa League